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Conductive Compounds are based on controlled dispersion of specialty carbon black pigments together with performance additives. We also tailor-make conductive compounds to exact customer brief and under strict confidentiality agreements.  Our conductive compounds are designed to give superior performance over a wide range of application techniques including injection molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, and sheet and profile extrusion. Typical applications for our conductive compounds are found in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemical, and mining and telecommunications industries. 

Carbon black based conductive concentrates are right choice when aiming for the lowest raw material costs. The amount of carbon black has been loaded at the highest possible level. The final product properties will be formed by the mixture of conductive concentrate and dilution polymer. Typically concentrates are diluted from 40 up to 60% with normal polymer. Besides the economic advantage, concentrates allow also more freedom to modify the product formulation e.g. using reinforced polymer compounds or recycled plastics.

Today the concept of concentrates has penetrated into many application areas. Conductive concentrates are widely used especially in extrusion (corrugated board, pipes and profiles, sheets and trays, containers or canisters etc.). In injection molding they are used typically in big costly moldings, like big boxes or pallets.

Electrically conductive carbon fiber compounds - Carbon fiber is justified as electrically conductive filler especially in applications requiring high rigidity and/or non-sloughing material.

JV Colors offers wide range of electrically conductive compounds and concentrates for numerous applications.