Our mission is to provide specialty polymer materials to meet the application requirements of our customers supported by state of the art technologies and excellent services resulting in cost effective solutions.

JV Colors, Inc. has always held itself to exceedingly high corporate and personal ethical standards. They define who we are as a company and guide how we conduct our day-to-day business. We take pride in the belief that a highly ethical standard makes us a better company for our industry and for our community.

JV Colors’, Inc. ethical policy is simple but definite. While customs and traditions vary by location and by industry, integrity and intellectual honesty have been an integral part of our dealings in every aspect, every day.  We detest questionable dealings or the violation of any local or federal laws. Our actions are governed by our values and principles, which are reinforced at all levels within the company.

JV Colors acknowledges that this high ethical standard is only attainable if it is adhered to by every one of our employees. Our company’s integrity and reputation rests on the shoulders of those who make us who we are.